Real-time forestry and supply chain intelligence.

Your command centre. Powerful and easy-to-use data solutions for forestry reconnaissance, supply chain optimization and operations planning, for small teams and enterprises alike.

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EASY-to-use and powerful.
Plan, manage, report and command your operations confidently with better data. Use real-time information to drive cost savings and performance. Assess standing timber inventory, optimize forest regeneration, plan harvests and monitor inventory and equipment on site and on the road – FYBR solutions enable unprecedented fibre flow management insights and the potential to streamline and automate processes.
Deployed data
The complete solution for drones in forestry. Gather information efficiently and easily with proven platforms. FYBR provides all training, regulatory support, and fleet management to collect insights.
On-demand FOREST
Plan, manage, harvest, and regeneration, at the individual tree level with validated, advanced analysis tools. Complete accurate block forest measurements in less time than traditional methods.
Real-time MILL
Rapid, accurate real-time mill inventory data for chip piles, log decks, hog and residual piles, chip bins and finished products. A single point of truth that accounting and operations can agree on.
See the forest and the trees. Connect the supply chain like never before. End-to-end optimization for both the future of our forest resource and for forest products producers at the same time.

Reduce friction and uncertainty.

Put your data to work. Join the world's leading forestry companies and professionals and get insights at your fingertips to power better results and cost-savings.

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